Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Funfair

My niece Ina looking down on Mokokchung's Funfair from the ferris wheel

During our Christmas days Mokokchung I noticed a big Funfair erected on one of the town's major sports grounds. Such fairs travel all over India according to local festivals and holidays. Nagaland is an obvious place to set up shop for Christmas.

The fairs in India are still a bit on the primitive side, with various stands made of bamboo and a few kid-oriented amusement rides that are all a bit on the slow moving side - which is probably fortunate given the general safety standards of the place. The stands vary from those selling snacks, to those selling little magic trick kits (with live demonstration of how to use it) to game stands.

The most popular game taking up about 1/3 of all the stands is a simplified Roulette-ish game where you can bet money on certain outcomes generated by a little spinning wheel. There is a selection of prizes you can win, like teddy bears and various items for the home. These prizes seem to be mostly for show though, as all winnings were paid out in hard cash. This of course makes it gambling, and therefore illegal in India, but if anyone asks they were all just trying to win one of those really cool wall clocks in a flowery frame.

Local men trying their luck at one of the gambling stands

A view of some of the different stands. It is my nieces Ina and Avi with their father Lima on the right side of the picture.

Ina and Avi riding the Carousel

The machine room for the ferris wheel. I would not imagine this to be 100% reliable.

The entry gate to the Funfair or "Disneyland Mela" as it is apparently named

Nearby fireworks celebrating Christmas
(The events described in this post took place on 25 December 2009)

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