Monday, 22 November 2010

Dolphin Spotting off the Goan Coast

A pair of dolphins off the coast of Goa

Those who know me - or follow my blog - know that I have a strong affinity for observing and photographing various animals in the wild. So naturally I couldn't go to Goa without organising a trip to go out to sea looking for the dolphins living in the Arabian Sea. Some of you may remember I also went dolphin spotting in Hong Kong.

It was an OK trip. We had a couple of decent dolphin sightings - although I am yet to experience the classic scene of dolphins jumping out of the water and flying through the air. We also enjoyed seeing the Goan coastline and the cooling ocean breeze giving some respite from the heat.

My family on the lookout for dolphins in our surprisingly large boat

There were other people also looking for dolphins but in much smaller and faster speed boats. Ironically, though, we got much better sightings than they did since the Dolphins seemed to dislike these boats and hide from them

Nice coastal scenery

A colonial building converted into a prison. It's a location worthy of a five star hotel, yet I don't think you'd want a vacation here

Prisoners looking out to see, probably longing for freedom

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