Sunday, 12 September 2010

A Week in Goa

Church of Our Lady, a famous landmark in Goa's capital Panjim

After Valdemar was born, my family in Denmark were obviously dying to see him - so they came to visit. But rather than just sit around in the apartment for 10 days, we decided to all go to Goa together. It was October, which meant it was rather hot and humid. My mother and Valdemar (and therefore also Nitoli) did not appreciate that much, but the rest of us enjoyed the trip.

I have to many pictures to show in just one post, so they will come dripping in "themes" over the next few days / weeks. I have worked on my blog template to increase the size of my images so that the pictures can do more of the talking, and I guess they do that better if I don't post too many of them in every go. Today I'll show just a few of the most classic (or you could say clich├ęd) Goa images.

A classic Goa image: The beach. Here it is southern end of Candolim beach with the tip of Taj Fort Aguada Beach Resort visible

Along with my siblings I tried parasailing. Here
my sister Rikke getting buckled up for parasailing
My brother Ole on his way up

Up in the air - view a great view

Goa has more domestic tourists, than international ones and blonds like my sister draw lots of attention. Here she is getting
her picture taken with an Indian family we had never met before. This is quite common when traveling in India.

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