Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Dudhsagar Falls

Rikke and Ole swimming in the pools beneath Dudhsagar Falls

Goa is home to India's second highest falls, known as Dudhsagar meaning literally Sea of Milk. So along with my dad, brother Ole and sister Rikke I went on a day trip from our rented house in Calangute to check it out.

The falls are tiered rather than vertical so they lack a bit of the drama of other falls, like for instance the beautiful Nohkalikai Falls in Meghalaya, although in a better monsoon than that of 2009 the sheer masses of water might be enough to increase the dramatic effect. But in any case, it's still a worthwhile day-trip that feels very adventurous despite being just 70 km. from Goa's crowded beach resorts.

You have to drive the last few kilometres through the jungle in a jeep as you cross a number of streams, which a normal car would never manage - even some of the jeeps didn't make it through. For the last few hundred metres even the jeep won't do, so you have to go by foot through the hot and humid jungle - crossing another several gushing streams. The water level is not particularly high, and the currents manageable but the rocks on which you have to find your footing are incredibly slippery, making it very difficult to cross without any stumbles. We later found out that foot-bridges are put up shortly after the monsoon season, and that we only missed them by a few days. But I'm actually glad that we did, because it was more fun this way.

Apart from the adventure of getting there, the truly great thing about Dudhsagar is the pool of water beneath the falls in which you can take a cooling swim. Again, it is surrounded by slippery rocks, so not without it's dangers - in fact we saw a young Maharashtran man almost drown as he had exhausted himself by swimming around and couldn't pull himself up on the nearest rock. But the setting of the pool is fantastic and the water cool and clean, so it's a great place to spend some time.

Jeeps stuck in a stream on the way through the jungle

Ole and Rikke crossing one of the treacherous, slippery streams

Ole after conquering a stream

Ole, my dad and Rikke walking the final stretch

Dudhsagar Falls in its full glory

Domestic tourists enjoying the cooling waters of the pool. The young man in the bottom right corner is the one we saw almost drown


oreneta said...

Maybe I missed it, but...backstory on the 'almost drown'!

Photos as always are great.

Esben said...

Hi Oreneta,

Sorry for the late reply, was in Sri Lanka for a while.

I wrote a little bit about the young man in the story above. He had exhausted himself by swimming around and couldn't pull himself up on the nearest rock as it was too high and slippery. Only last minute did one of the locals manage to run over and grab his hand as he was going under.

palak said...

was googling for dudhsagar falls...came across ur blog...i wud love to read more... keep updating..blessings :)