Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Delhi's Toilet Museum

The main room of the Sulabh Toilet Museum in Delhi. Our friend Lone in the corner
Yes, Delhi has a toilet museum, perhaps the only one of it's kind in the entire world. It may sound like a quirky attraction (and it is) but there is also a very serious side to it. It has been created by an NGO by the name of Sulabh International Social Service Organisation as a part of their mission to improve sanitation all around India. The lack of proper toilet facilities is a huge problem, particularly in rural parts of India, and it leads both to spread of disease and to horrible working conditions for sanitary workers belonging primary to the lowest castes.

After 4 years in Delhi we finally managed to go there last September with our friend Lone. The museums covers different toilet related themes, including displays about the historical development of sanitation techniques, actual historical toilet, toilet-related humourous displays and finally - outside the main hall - some examples of simple, modern sanitation techniques, which if spread across the country could vastly improve quality of life for millions.

As an attraction I would not say that the toilet museum is worth a huge detour, but if you have enough time and you are in Western Delhi anyway it's worth spending an hour or so as a fun and quirky eye opener to the importance of sanitation.

Nitoli and a fancy historical toilet
A statue symbolising what Sulabh is working against:
A human having to carry another human's waste

The outside section showing how very simple latrines can work hygienically without running water

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unpredictableblog said...

I remember visiting the Sulabh museum a long time ago. It is definitely unique. Nice read :)