Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A Few Forgotten Frames and a Paradigm Shift

Two toads sticking the heads above green, slimy pond water, Lodhi Garden

Some time back I made a post from our Winter days in Lodhi Garden and from Purana Qila. But while I was going through some old pictures I realised that I had missed a folder with pictures taken with Nitoli's camera. On this card there were a few more pictures, which I really like and wanted to share, despite the fact that I failed to include them into the thematic posts I made earlier. I particularly love the toad picture above.

This post will also signal a bit of a paradigm shift on this blog. I have earlier been focusing on fairly big thematic posts each one with quite a lot of work put into them. As the regular visitor would surely have noticed, it has been hard for me to keep up with this format with updated becoming increasingly rare and irregular. There are many reasons for this, one of them the fact that I work more now than I used to.

For that reason, I have decided that going forward I will make a lot more short posts with just one or a few pictures that I just want to share without necessarily putting it into a grander thematic context. This should allow me to take my blog back to the level I can make at least 1 or 2 updates each week.

These short posts might primarily be from my daily observations centred on everyday life in and around Delhi, while I would still work on the larger posts covering a broader topic when I go traveling to new destinations or when there is a major change in our lives. Regarding the latter, I can reveal that there is a very special thematic posts coming up as soon as I find the time to put it together. Without giving away too much to those who do not already know what I am talking about, I can say that it is about one of the biggest changes any person can undergo in life :)

Beautiful White Throated Kingfisher in Lodhi Gardens

A tree full of black kites (In Danish: Sort Glente) near the railway tracks, seen from Purana Qila in Delhi

(The events in this post took place on 7 February 2009)

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shelly said...

thanks for sharing the kindfisher pic in lodhi garden, had gone there with my nephews recently and oops left the camera at home. We did spot it too but missed taking the picture. So thanks a lot!