Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Next Generation of Konyaks

Konyak boys bringing firewood home

My previous post was focused on old Naga warriors, men who spent their youth in a very different time. However, when you visit these villages, old men form only a small fraction of the people you meet. In the Naga villages most families still have many children, so children and teens make up most of the population. Many kids as young as 5-6 years can be seen carrying around their younger siblings as a way of helping in the household.

Curious kids surrounding my mother and brother as they look at carved wooden figures

These boys and girls can still hear their grandparents tell stories of inter-tribe warfare, but as they grow up they are more likely to go to school, possibly marry a person from one of those other tribes and perhaps even move to a bigger city where the smartest of them might join India's growing middle class.

Although the kids here are a bit more reserved than those you meet in the Indian heartland they are still very curious and quite willing to let themselves be photographed. So without further explanation or sub-text I am going to show a few of the most interesting pictures I took of the next generation of Konyaks:

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