Sunday, 3 January 2010

With the Family in Kaziranga

My mum, dad and brother moving comfortably around Kaziranga on elephant back

My last post showed a lot of pictures from our Rhino spotting safaris in Kaziranga and focused mostly on the park and the animals, whereas this post will be a bit more personal, showing some additional pictures of various members of my family enjoying the park, resort and surrounds.

In our trip to Kaziranga our starting group consisting of myself, my wife Nitoli, my father, mother and brother were joined by Nitoli's two nieces, Ina and Alovi who had never been to the park before despite living in Nagaland only some 100 or so kilometres away. It turned out to be a great experience from them, although Alovi was running a high fever for much of the trip. But getting close to the animals, riding the elephants and just spending time with their family from far away was something they seemed to enjoy a lot.

We stayed at the Wildgrass Resort, which is not exactly cheap - particularly by Indian standards - but very recommendable. The main building with dining hall and reception area is a British-era heritage building, while the rooms are in fairly large and much newer units, which however don't seem out of place. The room interiors are dominated by wood giving it a good charm.

Our nieces, Ina and Alovi scouting for rhinos (with one even visible in the picture).

Even the safari elephant are enjoying some family time. A baby elephant is busy drinking milk from it's mother while tourists are busy taking rhino pictures

Ina lucky enough to get to feed a baby elephant

Dinner time at the old dining hall

One of the residential sections of the resort

Our room at Wildgrass Resort

Poor Alovi sleeping through a high fever

Assamese dancing troupe entertaining the resort's guests

...but my brother was the only tourist brave enough to accept an invitation to join the dancers on stage


oreneta said...

Hi's been a while. Nice to hear from you again!

Esben said...

Yeah it has been a while. My job has gotten incredibly busy lately and last two weeks I have been away on Christmas vacation without Internet access. But I'm very determined to keep my blog going even if I can only update once or twice per month. I am over one year behind on my blog, so I have plenty of updates still to come :)

Latin Sardar said...

Hey, nice to read another post from you after such a long time. Seems like you had a lot of fun. Beautiful pics.