Thursday, 28 May 2009

A Few Hours in Dharamsala

Jane in Dalai Lama's Throne Room

After returning from the trek we had a few hours to spend in Dharamsala (or technically it's twin town of McLeodganj). This Himalayan town's claim to fame is that it is the home of Dalai Lama's Tibetan Exile Government. The few hours we had was not enough to fully see the town, but it did give us a chance to get a hot shower, a good meal and then still sea a few Buddhist complexes.

First we saw the complex where Dalai Lama lives (his living quarters are obviously closed to the public) including the Tsuglagkhang Cathedral. After that we took a taxi ride to something called the Norbulingka Institute, which is a centre for Buddhist culture and especially production of arts and handicraft.

Colourful writing on stone slabs on a wall in Dharamsala

Beautiful metal figure

Jane rolling the prayer wheels at Dalai Lama's temple

Monk performing some simple ceremony

Offerings for the god. In old times it would have been fruits and such, but today cholocate and bisquits are often preferred.

Visitor leave money offerings

Scary but well made wooden figure
Tank and pavillion at Norbulingka

The main temple at Norbulingka

One of the old metalworks masters teaching all the young students at Norbulingka

I don't know if this is a lion or dragon, but it looks nice

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