Monday, 26 January 2009

Final day in Istanbul: Going Asian

Turkish flags marking Victory Day in Kadıköy, Asian Istanbul

We spent our last morning in Istanbul taking a trip to the neighbourhood of Kadıköy, which is in the Asian part of Istanbul on the east side of the Bosphorus strait. A big part of the experience was the boat trip over there, and since we didn't have much time left we had to settle for a short but nevertheless enjoyable stroll. This day also happened to be a national Turkish holiday - Victory Day - which commemorates the victory at the final battle in Dumlupınar ending the Turkish Independence War in 1922 and is dedicated to the country's armed forces. Part of the celebration on this day is the hanging of Turkish flags everywhere you look and various displays and events honouring the Turkish military.

On the same night we took our flight to Delhi, making this the only time I have travelled from Europe to Asia twice in the same day.

Our ride across the Bosphorus

A small boat in front of a big palace (not sure which one it is)

It's a bit hazy in the background yet you can see some of the enormous flags which cover the whole side of very tall buildings.

Small neighbourhood Mosque and some very nmodern looking apartment buildings.

Approaching Kadıköy you easily spot its most famous attraction. A big hot air baloon going up every 15 minutes. Due to lack of time we had to save this experience for our next visit.

Memorial display which I believe to be for fallen Turkish soldiers

The Kadıköy baloon seen between two hanging flags

In fact there were many flags in the harbour area

Charming little church in Kadıköy


Nitoli in front of a nice, leafy street with many restaurants.

And finally a few locals, which I thought made interesting motifs:


Worried or just buried in throughts?

This concludes my series of posts from Istanbul, which as you can see is an amazing city. But now I can get back to my Indian adventures...


Raju K Gohain said...

Great blog man... keep it up and by the way Where is ur Dzukou valley post ????

AR said...

Hey there!

I read ur blog from start to finish from the first post you wrote in english and I really have to say this, it's an AWESOME blog and I loved it!! ALLL the pictures and everything...they're so amazing.

Delhi is where I grew up at and it's just great to see my hometown (home-megalopolis? heh heh) and my country from your perspective which points out so many beautiful things about it that I never even noticed...

AND on top of that, having lived in Germany until last year, your photographs from Hamburg also made me miss my adopted-country of 3 years too.. heheh...!

I wish I could have a blog like this someday..!

Don't stop writing !!

- Ananya :)

Esben said...


Thanks, rest assured I will keep posting even though these days I mostly have time to update on weekends. You can find my Dzukou posts here:

More from Nagaland is coming up by the way :)


I'm really glad you enjoyed my blog. When I first started it it was mostly meant for a diary for myself and perhaps my closest friends and family. But I'm really thrilled when somebody I don't know gets some enjoyment out of it. I hope you'll keep coming back to check the new posts. Next one will be from Old Delhi.

And why couldn't you have a blog like this? All you need is a camera and a bit of extra time. Go for it :)

u.kilic said...

"A small boat in front of a big palace (not sure which one it is)"

It's Dolmabahçe Palace.

For details, check this out;
Dolmabahçe Palace - Wikipedia