Sunday, 28 December 2008

Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

One part of Istanbul which especially Nitoli was very keen to visit was the huge indoor Grand Bazaar, filled with all sorts of stores. In fact there are more than 6000 shops here spread out on 58 streets - all roofed. The first parts of the bazaar were made in the 15th century but most parts parts have been added later or at some point destroyed and then reconstructed We spent a good deal of hours hiding from the midday sun in the kilometre long lanes of the bazaar.

Cool old shop

Goods on display

Another kind of goods for sale. I can't say whether it is all advertisement hype or it actually works!

One of the busy main lanes

Nitoli at a very cosy Grand Bazaar restaurant, about to enjoy a meal. She was not generally a big fan of Turkish food but I mostly liked it.

Cute little house inside the bazaar. I have no idea what it is for.


oreneta said...

Kilometers of roofed all looks so lovely.

Esben said...

Yes, it's a sopper's paradise. My wife loved it! For me it was okay to walk around and take pictures - for a while.

Esben said...

Meant to say "sHopper's paradise"

Fairfield County CT said...

Esben, I linked to your blog in mine. I'm sorry I didn't know it was netiquette to inform people that one had done so - I guess I have a lot of people to notify (sigh!). But do keep blogging, your photos are wonderful!
Here is the link:

charlestondailyphoto said...

I was many years ago.

I now have a new URL to update. Walk this Way blog site crashed.

Happy New Year!

Esben said...


Thanks for letting me know :) I usually find out anyway, when someone links to my page because I can see that some of my visitors come to me from that site.


Shame about the old blog, but congrats on your new page. Updated the link :)