Sunday, 2 November 2008

First Night in Istanbul

The world famous Aya (Hagia) Sofia in Sultanahmet

Following our amazing wedding in Denmark, we managed to squeeze in a mini-honeymoon in the fantastic Turkish metropolis of Istanbul. We had a wonderful time, and managed to squeeze a lot of stuff into just 4 days. In my first post I will just cover some of the first impressions from the first night in the city, then in my next posts I will move on to the individual things we did and saw.

We stayed in the area called Sultanahmet, a place which is popular with tourists due to the fact that a good part of Istanbul's world class sights are located there, such as the Aya Sofia and the Blue Mosque. It also means that the place is rather touristy and expensive, but it's also well kept, beautiful and safe. Overall our first impression was that we were struck by the beauty and charm of the place. Later on we would discover that Sultanahmet is a good starting place, but certainly not all that there is to Istanbul - not by a long shot. For dinner on the first night we crossed the bridge to Galata and Istiklal and that would turn out to be a trip we would repeat many times.

Nitoli in front of the Blue Mosque on our first night in Istanbul

Coloured lamps in a tourist shop in Sultanahmet

Nitoli on a busy Sultanahmet street where people sit and eat at outdoor tables

The Galata tower across the Golden Horn

One of the many mosques dominating Istanbul's skyline

Nitoli enjoying our first Istanbul-meal at an Istiklal meyhane, where many already made dishes are brought to your table to choose from. Charming but expensive way to dine.

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