Thursday, 9 October 2008

In the Lake District waiting for the big day

Enjoying the view over Denmark's lake district

The last few days before our big day we spent with Nitoli's family in the serene lake district of Denmark. Of course we were a bit busy with the wedding preparations but we still found some time to show them a bit of the area, including a nice boat area to what we Danes call the "Sky Mountain" (Himmelbjerget). At a meagre height of 147 metres it's really more of a small hillock, but it was long thought to be the highest point in Denmark.

A few pictures from our trip today, and then the next update will be from our wedding!

Nitoli and her family waiting for the boat to the Sky Mountain

The boat arriving to pick us up

The Sky Mountain seen from the lake

View from the top of the hill down at the path leading up. In the begining you walk through forest, but close to the top it's a nice heather-filled landscape.

Nitoli and her mom near the top

A view of the nice green meadows on the other side of the lake

A typical river-side house. This area has become quite a fashionable one, with especially lake and river-side property becoming very expensive.

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