Saturday, 7 June 2008

A short trip home to Denmark

Runner by a lake in Central Copenhagen

Firstly, apologies for not updating my weblog recently. There are a number of reasons for this, the primary one being that I am now working a full-time job here in India, which gives me less time for my blog. This new job of mine is also the reason why I had to take a short trip home in April - to change my visa to a proper work visa.

Fortunately everything went well with the visa, so I also had time to enjoy a few nice spring days in Copenhagen, which allowed me to see a few friends and even play tourist for a bit. After that I even made it for my brother's birthday party in Sønder Brarup.

One of the things that is always amazing about coming home from India is that you suddenly notice things that seemed completely normal before. I now realise I really like the similar-looking brick houses in the picture below, something you wouldn't see in India:

Row of brick houses in Copenhagen.

Beautiful house façades. Copenhagen actually is a very aesthetically pleasing city.

I met up with my father, who was in Copenhagen for a meeting and together we drove up to Helsingør (Elsinore) to see the famous castle of Kronborg, famous for being the setting for Shakespeare's play Hamlet.

Kronborg Castle on a cloudy day.

An imposing hall inside Kronborg.

A beautiful canopy under which Danish Kings and Queens used to dine.

Kronborg is also famous for its many old tapestries, a few of which are seen here.

An elegant room with ceiling paintings.

Kronborg's small but beautiful chapel, which - as far as I know - is the oldest surviving part of the castle.

Finally, a picture of Kronborg's most famous resident. This is Holger Danske, also known in English as Ogier the Dane. Legend has it, that one day when Denmark is grave danger Holger will awake from his slumber and rise to save the country.

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