Sunday, 9 March 2008

Winter in Delhi

Parakeets in our local bombax tree at sunset.

Since we came back from our wonderful Christmas holiday, we have had some quiet winter months here in Delhi. No more travelling. Since I have now been offered a job starting on 14th of April (more about that when/if details fall into place) I now have a final deadline on my thesis, meaning I've been very busy and will continue to be so for a while. However, I have managed to take some pictures from since our homecoming in January, showing different aspects of our winter in Delhi. We have been to a wedding, socialised a bit with our friends and other than that not much.

On the last day of January our French friend Vivien got married to his Indian fiancée Boishali. Congratulations to both of them!

From the ceremony inside the Sacred Heart Cathedral here in New Delhi. Professional camera crews such as the one you see in the right side of the picture are very common at weddings here in India.

The exterior of Sacred Heart Cathedral.

There have been other happy events in Delhi. 5 months ago Susanna's old friend Ilin gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. A couple of weeks ago the whole family came to visit us. Standing with mother Ilin and baby Sheni is the proud father Lepcha, who was one of our very helpful witnesses at our troublesome court wedding last year.

Baby Sheni enthusiastically exploring our orange tree. She tried to put the whole branch in her mouth, but was stopped by her mother.

Male purple sunbird drinking nectar from an Aloe Vera plant on our terrace. I have earlier dedicated a whole post to this beautiful bird before, but I liked this new picture of the elusive male.

A lone yellow-footed green pigeon in our lovely red bombax tree (or silk cotton tree) in bloom.

A rose-ringed parakeet on a wire just outside our terrace.

We do occasionally meet of with our many friends here in Delhi for parties or other social events. I tend to keep party pictures mainly on my facebook-profile and dedicate my weblog to things of more general interest. But I like this "ghost" picture of our friend Juho - the guy whose parents we stayed with in Helsinki.

During this winter we also celebrated the Indian festival of Lohri, which is centred around bonfires and meant for giving of thanks. People walk around the bonfires and throw in popcorn, peanuts or other snacks as an offering to Agni, the God of fire. This fire was set up on the local basketball court by the 's welfare association.

People also light smaller bonfires outside their houses and musicians walk from fire to fire to play for people.

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