Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Sultanpur National Park

Three male Strawberry Finches in breeding plumage in Sultanpur National Park.

Since nothing much has happened recently, I have dug into my archives to find some old pictures from a day trip I haven't mentioned before. In December 2006 Nitoli and I rented a taxi from Delhi in the middle of the night to make it out to Sultanpur National Park in Haryana for sunrise - we arrived at 7:00 in the morning. I am a big fan of nature and apart from the getting-up-early it was a wonderful break from noisy, crowded, polluted Delhi. What follows are a few pictures of birds and animals in this often overlooked but really nice bird park, which hosts up to 250 species of Indian and migratory birds. For anyone who wants a relaxing day out of the capital it is highly recommendable.

Sunrise over the waters of Sultanpur.

Another single Strawberry Finch, also known as Red Muna or Red Avadavat. It's a very attractive bird.

Another very beautiful bird: An adult Purple Swamphen.

Sultanpur has many lakes and swampy areas, so it's ideal habitat for a number of water fowl, ducks and other birds. Many mammals also enjoy the shallow waters.

A handsome male nilgai. This animal is a very large type of Antelope

A whole family of nilgai. The black dot in the right side of a picture is a Wolly-Necked Stork.

A Black-Winged Kite. A beautiful predatory bird.

Large numbers of birds hide in the long grass of Sultanpur. But if you get to close they'll suddenly make for a collective escape.


traveler one said...

Wow... looks really beautiful. I LOVE that strawberry bird!

Esben said...

Yeah, those Strawberry Finches are an absolute favourite of mine as well. Never saw them before that day, and haven't seen them since.

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