Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Happy Easter!

Danish Easter lunch in Delhi.

A belated happy Easter to everyone. Since Nitoli had a few days off around Easter we took a short but intense trip to Shimla, Anandpur Sahib and Chandigarh. It was an eventful trip, which I will dedicate a number of posts to in the coming days. But before we left we had a nice Danish påskefrokost (Easter lunch) with some of our long time friends from Delhi. The menu included marinerede sild (marinated herring), karrysalat (curry salad), rugbrød (dark rye bread), frikadeller (fried meat balls with flour and onion), panerede fiskefilleter (fish fillet), reindeer meat and a number of other Scandinavian favourites. And snaps of course. Many of our friends are leaving Delhi within the next months, so it was one of the last times we will all get together.

Next post is about our visit to the birthplace of the Universe...

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