Sunday, 20 January 2008

Camel Safari in Shekhawati

On camel back near Parsurampura, Shekhawati.

No trip to Rajasthan is complete without a camel safari. As my regular visitors might remember I have earlier gone on overnight safaris, including one out of Jaisalmer. However we thought that an overnight trip was a bit much for this group, so we settled for 3 hours in the semi-desert of Shekhawati. However, I made sure it was an area, which sees few tourists in order t make the experience as authentic as possible. The picture above is from my research trip, checking out the place before the arrival of our guests.

Everything was organised and put into place. It was my impression that the group enjoyed the trip, with reactions ranging from excited to glad-I-tried-it-but-not-doing-it-again.

Apart from our ordinary camels we also had a couple of camel carts, so it was possible to sit or lie in those for some of the way.

Temple on a hill top.

A nice unspoiled landscape.

We also went through a couple of local villages giving a good impression how Indian people actually live outside big cities like Delhi.

A shepherd woman in bright red clothes with her sheep.

We had lunch under the shade of a tree.

And enjoyed a couple of cold beers.

Camels had a bite to eat as well.

Thorny Diet.

Camel enjoying a roll in the sand.

Off again for the last bit after lunch.

Getting back down is tricky, but to my relief everyone did well and no one fell off.

Busy times at the water trough. It is a very dry area after all.

Someone needs a dentist...

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