Thursday, 22 November 2007

Road Trip, part 2: Endless steppes of Rupsu

Rupsu Valley, Ladakh.

Although I don't know what we missed by going to Nubra Valley, I'm actually really glad we ended up going to Rupsu instead. I just love these huge mountaint steppes with their grassing animals and a few nomads being the only life you see. Scenes, such as the one above with a small group of Yaks eating the sparse vegetation, look good on pictures: But in reality they are just breathtaking. This post is dedicated to this type of landscape.

Nomads and their sheep.

Another landscape, this one without any life in it. Such desolation.

A single wild ass. These are amazing creatures, which are closely related to the domesticated donkey, but look more like little horses. They are living in Rupsu completely without dependence on humans.

We were lucky enough not only to see the wild asses from afar, but also very close as a group ran straight in front of our car. Luckily we didn't hit any of them, but it got us closer to them. This picture was taken through the window glass of our moving jeep on a non-existent road. Considering that, I think the picture turned out quite good.

Our ride, out in the middle of nowhere.

A large group of sheep down in a canyon. What a strange pattern they form.

And finally one of the cutest animals I have ever seen: A Himalayan Marmot. These animals were a bit shy, but also very curious. They would run a little bit away, but then stick their head up and observe us. I'm guessing no one is hunting them, or they would have been extinct long ago.

A Marmot on the run, looking almost like a furry missile in flight. Adorable.

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