Monday, 15 October 2007

More From Hamburg

Last time I explored the harbour of Hamburg, but there is more to the city than just this. I had plenty of time to walk around the city so I saw other parts as well.

This is a wonderful view of Hamburg city, taken from across the lake of Binnenalster. The dominating building in the middle is the Rathaus (city hall) and to the left is the tower of St. Nikolai Church.

The Rathaus up close from an experimental angle. It is a quite nice building really.

Moving on to the second building in the top picture. St. Nikolai Church is not just a regular church. During WWII it was bombed by the allies to the point where only the tower and a few other sections remain. The church was not rebuilt but rather left the way it looked after the bombings. Today it functions not as a church, but as an memorial , illustrating and reminding us of the horrors of war.

A closer look at the church, in this composite image I stitched together from two separate pictures to be able to show the whole thing (the stitching did not match up a 100%, which is why the building in the top right corner looks a bit strange). Here it is very clear to see where the rest of the church used to join together with the tower.

Near the Binnenalster and Rathaus lies this appealing arcade. A nice area for locals and tourists alike to hang out. Some locals doing just that:

In another area of Hamburg lies this night club:

This is Grosse Freiheit 36. It may not look like much, but in fact this is where the biggest pop group of all times famously started their careers. Yes, I'm talking about the Beatles. The place has changed names and owners many times since, but it's still a popular place for live music.

I believe this golden ship to be the symbol for the Hanseatic League, which was a union of a long range of powerful states around the German and Baltic Seas, formed primarily to counteract Danish power in the region. A bird, which obviously does not care for history, has chosen the ship as the perfect site for it's nest. Hard to disagree that this is a fancy home with great location.

A nice veteran car.

And finally a couple of pictures which probably belonged in my previous post. These are from the German Customs Museum, which is situated in the old harbour area. There's not really any story attached to this particular picture, I just really liked the design of this steel pen box. They really knew how to design awesome product packaging in the old times. I find this really beautiful, compared to the overly loud packaging of most modern products.

This one of my favourite piece in the museum. It is a matchstick box used to smuggle diamonds. Notice the brand name of the match sticks: "diamond matches"! How cool and ironic is that?

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