Saturday, 20 October 2007

Family Time

After spending some time at my parent's home I moved on to visit my brother and his family in Silkeborg. Starting with the youngest member of the family above is my adorable niece Johanne, who is 5 years old.

Next is her big brother Asbjørn, who is now 8 years old. He is a very active and outdoorsy boy (which makes him hard to take pictures of since he never stands still).

And here are the proud parents, my brother Morten and his wife Nicoline watching TV in their home.

Together we all took a small trip to a fun place near Silkeborg called Labyrinthia. In the village of Rodelund a local couple has made Northern Europe's largest labyrinth, supplemented by a series of smaller labyrinth and logical games.

The labyrinth is quite big, and not all that easy to figure out.

Asbjørn trying to find his way around. In the beginning he was cheating by crawling underneath the walls (there are gaps allowing people to crawl out to prevent claustrophobic attacks). But he quickly found out that it actually wasn't very much fun to solve the puzzles without the challenges of actually finding your way around.

But here he found the yellow flag, all on his own. The aim is to find all four corner flags and then find your way out.

A trip to Labyrinthia is a good experience, especially for families with children. If you have small children, who can't find their way around the big labyrinth, there is also a small child's maze which is easy to get through. Johanne is trying it out here.

Asbjørn peeking out from behind a stone well.

Morten taking Johanne for a walk in the place's rose garden maze with water gates, spraying water at different intervals. Johanne is looking excitedly up to see if any water is coming.

And finally a simple, but fun colour puzzle. You can only walk on the lines in the sequence red - yellow - green and then have to make your way to the goal in the middle. Quite challenging, but a good task to solve together.

Next morning, Asbjørn cycling to school on a nice summer morning.

Later that day we took a drive around the area. Here we are at the old station of Vrads which is home to a veteran train. Unfortunately it wasn't running, but there were some nice old coaches.

Johanne pretending to be late for the train as it pulls from the station, with her father trying to pull her aboard. Notice the hat flying through the air, creating the illusion of speed :)

We were even lucky enough to spot a fox. Although it's not a great picture I wanted to document it here. Although there are plenty of foxes in Denmark, they are very hard to spot and indeed this is the first one I've ever seen in the nature.

I also spent a couple of days with my sister and her boyfriend in Århus. I didn't really get a chance to take many pictures of them, but I took a couple from their nice summer garden. Here a close up of their apple tree.

And finally one of their roses covered in rain drops, after a brief shower.


Ruth said...

Esben, thank you once again for a delicious danish feast for the eyes and soul!

Esben said...

You're very welcome, Ruth :)