Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Back in India

View from the Jama Masjid (Friday Mosque), Old Delhi.

After a great holiday/visa run in Europe, I made it back to India, accompanied by my friend Lasse who came to see a bit of this amazing country. I will introduce him soon enough, but not in this post.

One of our first days back in Delhi I took Lasse to Old Delhi as I do with all my visitors. After seeing our fairly serene neighbourhood we live in here in South Delhi, I like to confront my visitors with this gritty, crowded, dirty and noise and wonderfully authentic part of town. Luckily we came just in time to witness some colourful religious procession, which just seemed to appear out of nowhere. It was made up of a lot of floats each with some people dressed like Gods or other religiously significant figures. So typically India. Notice above the guy spraying water out of his hat.

Holy man (I think) throwing bananas to the crowd amidst a cloud of confetti.

More guys dressed like Gods. Very interesting, how the costume includes lipstick, blush and a generally rather feminine look.

Last float driving by. It was a well attended event.

Happy spectators.

After a few days in Delhi, we went to Agra, which is home of the world famous and newly appointed wonder of the modern world: Taj Mahal. I arrived later than Lasse and since I had been to the Taj before I just waited it out in a rooftop restaurant, with mediocre food but a great view (the picture above), until he came out of there. We quickly moved on from Agra, which apart from the Taj Mahal and a few other historical buildings doesn't have much to offer.

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