Thursday, 6 September 2007

The Good Life: Pool, Sauna and White Party

I have been complaining a bit lately, about thesis stress and Indian bureaucracy. But it's really not all bad: Here are some pictures from two events illustrating the good expat life in Delhi.

First event was when our friend Mirva invited the gang to a little evening get-together at the Finnish Embassy. The Embassy has an excellent pool, which is just wicked to jump into when the temperature at night it around 30 degrees.

The pool from another angle showing people enjoying poolside drinks.

But here is the very best part: A genuine Finnish sauna made from imported Finnish wood. You wouldn't think you were in India.

Nitoli and our friend Irene enjoying the steaming hot sauna with temperature of more than 7o degrees centigrade.

Just outside the sauna there is a small pool with ice cold water. You are supposed to go straight from the heat of the sauna into this ice cold water. It literally starts hurting after about 10 seconds there. Here Nitoli is braving it to pose for the photo.

This is another event we went to: An ex-pat party called Delhi White. The name should not be misunderstood. The party is open to everyone - regardless of race or nationality - as long as they were dressed in white. Here is a view out over the bar area.

Party goers under the fluorescent blue lights.

Me showing off my limited moves in my new white dress.

Nitoli and Irene in conversation.

Our gang all together under the club's red lights.

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