Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Delhi Mango Festival

Every year Delhi plays host to a big mango festival in celebration of the delicious fruit, which is more prevalent here in India than anywhere else in the world. In the picture above you see a small selection of the hundreds and hundreds of mango varieties on display at the festival.

The sports halls in which the festival takes place. It is a colourful spectacle although at times it seemed there were more journalists than actual visitors there.

One of many mango-based gastronomical dishes on display. Some quite creative chefs in action. There were lots of delicious things to look at, but rather astoundingly for a mango festival: It was not actually possible to taste any mangoes or mango based dishes. I had expected a mango festival to be about tasting as many different types of mango as possible. Not so...

This turned out to be the highlight of the Mango Festival: A mango eating contest for ladies (there was also one for men the following day). This picture was my first after the starting signal. Unsurprisingly the white girl to the left got an excessive share of the attention and got interviewed for almost every Indian media after the contest, although she wasn't very good at it.

Good, by contrast, were some of the somewhat older Indian ladies. The lady to the left here was a real pro, and we think she might have won the whole contest although we didn't stay to see her crowned.

Another serious contender.

As you can see this contest was the subject of intense interest from the Indian media. Photographers were literally fighting for the best spots.


Oxhomiya Jeet said...

You've done it again Esben, shown me an aspect of my birth land, that I didn't even know existed!


Esben said...

Glad you liked it, Jeet. Was a really good experience, even if we couldn't eat mangoes ourselves.

Deepa Krishnan said...

Very cool, esben. I enjoyed reading this one!

Esben said...

Thank you Deepa

NellieGwynne said...

Congratulations on your wedding.
I haven't looked at your photos or blog for a while, and as usual they are most enjoyable.
Catch you later, and hope to meet up with you both in January. Janet/NellieGwynne

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