Monday, 30 July 2007

Thesis Stress & Miscellanneous Delhi Pictures

So, I haven't updated my weblog for a while. The simple explanation is that last-mad-dash-towards-the-finish-line-thesis-stress has gone into the red field. I simply don't have too much time to fool around online (not that I don't do it anyway), so from now on updates will be a bit more scarce until I finish my thesis. Please be patient with me. Oh, in case anyone is wondering I am writing about "Contemporary Energy Related Indian Foreign Policy". The process has been a bit of a mess but at least I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

In the spirit of disorder I here show a random bunch of pictures taken over the last year or so, with no other unifying theme than the fact they were all taken in Delhi:

A parakeet amongst purple flowers.

Another parakeet outside the hole in a tree serving as a nest for her chicks.

Mughal tomb in Lodhi Gardens.

Susanna at another old Mughal-era monument in Lodhi Gardens.

Same day as above. Susanna poses by the huge bamboo.

Some weird form of bee hive. They look very different from the round, closed ones we have in Europe.

One of the many guys bringing fresh vegetables to people's door. This picture was taken from our terrace.

Still on our terrace, Nitoli (aka Susanna) is setting the dinner table.

Seated and ready to eat...

The huge old colonial circle arcade Connaught Place has gotten a serious facelift over the last few years and have become a popular place for Delhiites to hang out in the evenings.

Or you can go hang out in one of the city's many new malls.

An ruined car of the iconic Indian Ambassador line stands abandoned at Nagaland House.

A portrait of Sarasvati, who comes every day and helps us with cleaning and cooking.

And finally a slightly gory image, which never the less illustrates perfectly why geckos are generally liked in India. They do no harm to humans and they help keep insects and pests under control. One night as I was sitting on the computer I heard some noise from the kitchen and went there to see this struggle with the Gecko trying to eat a struggling cockroach. The gecko won... next morning we found the headless body of the cockroach on our kitchen table. Circle of life...


Pilarcita said...

I need one of those Gecko... for the summer.

Esben said...

Ha, yeah geckos are pretty cool. I really like them. Primitive animals, but really efficient hunters. No geckos in Japan?

Deepa Krishnan said...

Wow. I love your photos, and I love your blog in general.