Thursday, 5 July 2007

Portraits from Mata Mela

Last time I showed some pictures fromt he festive and colourful, but also rather gory Mata Mela. Now it's time for a few portraits of some of the many spectators who followed the event.

The Mata Mela is one of the big events of the year in this neighbourhood, so everybody put on their best clothes. These are not rich people with much money tp spend on luxuries, but they still find the funds for pretty dresses and jewellery for their girls, such as these three charming young ladies.

Local kid being carried it he parade. Notice the black mascara which is common to put on children in India.

Boy helping out with the carrying of the Deity. The orange stick he is holding is for placing the deity's carriage on, whenever the carriers need a rest.

More pictures of the local children, from the very young to the bigger ones:

And a couple of really old boys:

And finally one of the heroes of the day, after the pierced trident had been removed from his cheeks. He still seemed to be a bit shocked:

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