Friday, 20 July 2007

My Time to Shine on the Big Screen

So I will finally get my cinema début! Well that is... I might - if they haven't cut me out of the movie. I don't know really. Anyway this is my movie, "Speed":

The background story is this: When I was in Bombay almost a year and a half ago I was recruited on the street to be an extra in a Bollywood movie. My most faithful readers (which is probably Nitoli and my mother) might remember my post from the Bollywood experience.

So I had kept looking for the movie to come out, but since I wasn't able to find any info on it I assumed the project had been axed. But now the movie is actually premièring in Indian cinemas on 22 August. It's a classic Bollywood thriller with song and dance and a plot, which is allegedly suspiciously close to Hollywood movie "Cellular". The guy to the far left in the poster, is the villain who apparently is my boss in the movie. He was the only of these guys I saw on set.

Can't wait to see if I made the final cut...


joan said...

That is too fun! My brother was in an Assamese film as well and on the poster! Bubba Does Bollywood. :)

Krithika said...

I accidently came through your blog. I am an Indian living in the USA right now. You have a wonderful blog and the photos are excellent.

Great work!! I love travelling and very happy to see this blog.

I am from TamilNadu, and love Trancobar(Tharangambadi)

Is there a search facility in your blog to search for specific cities??

If I may, would like to suggest some places for you to visit which are incredible and not to be missed in India.

Oxhomiya Jeet said...

woo hoo Esben! Let us know if you make the cut, and I'll go out and grab myself a copy (probably pirated) from Gerrard Street here in Toronto! It will be hilarious to see you in a Bollywood movie...


Esben said...

@Joan, yes it is funny. A good experience whether I make the final cut or not. Once I learn Hindi I might go back to Bombay to see if I can get a role with some lines.

@Krithika, thanks for visiting my blog and sorry about responding so late (thesis stress).

There is no search function as such on my blog, but it is very easy to search my site using google. If you want to search e.g. for Tranquebar just write:

site: Tranquebar

in the search field. It works very well.

And please if you have comments for some great spots I missed then do let me know.


I will definitely let you know. If I make the cut then everyone in my family will be gifted this movie for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries or whatever excuse I can find.