Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Greater Kailash by Night

As second part of my Delhi by Night series, I'll just show a few night shots from our own residential colony, called Greater Kailash, part 1 (Or "GK-1" for short). All of these pictures were taken back in November.

A wonderful orange, winter sunset taken from our terrace. Night is falling...

A few people enjoy the silence at the local E-block park in an athmospheric November night's mist. Right now with temperatures permanently over 30 degrees we can only dream back to those cool, winter evenings. The park is very nice and well kept, even if a little tacky with windmills and animal figurines spread around.

The adjacent play ground lies deserted, also a cold and misty November night.

Susanna burning some fireworks in celebration of Diwali. I really like how it looks almost like she is holding a magic wand, about to release some powerful fireball.


Parthiv said...


I am really thrilled to see all the photographs and details about them. After seeing the images of north east, I am definitely planning a trip to NE when I come back to India in December.

One more place I would like to recommend to you that you should visit to see a different flavor of india, its Gujarat. Its been said that there is not much to see in Gujarat but I would say go there on 14-15 January and you will be able to witness the wonderful festival of "Uttarayana" or "Makarsakranti". Also if you are interested in wildlife go to "Sasan Gir National Park".

Once again thanks a lot for sharing your experiences....its AWESOME...


Esben said...

Hi Parthiv,

Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you were inspired by the NE photos. It really is a region like no other. Absolutely worth the extra effort to go there.

It's funny you mention Gujarat, because it is very high on my to-do list. I'm especially keen to go see the wild lions of Gir, while they are still there. Perhaps in a few years it'll be too late :(

Unfortunately I'm in a busy stage of my education right now, so I have less time to travel than I did earlier. But I definitely will get around to it, sooner or later. I will check up on the festival you mention and see if I can find some free time next January.

Thanks for your input, and good luck with your travels. Feel free to get back to me, if I can help you with any questions about the NE.