Thursday, 12 July 2007

Delhi by Night

For a while now I have focused on travels around India and Nepal. Now it's time to focus a bit on the city I live in: Delhi. I'll show some pictures taken over the last year, starting with a thematic series covering Delhi by night. First look is at some popular outings in Delhi.

The great memorial, India Gate, which stands at the end of the magnificent boulevard of Rajpath. Built by the English, it commemorates the Indian soldiers who died fighting for the allies in WWI and the Afghan Wars. Saluting this monument was popularised last year ago by the great Bollywood superhit Rang de Basanti (रंग दे बसंती / Colours of Patriotism), in which a group of young Indian people - inspired by the Indian mutineers fighting British rule in the 1800s - take on the corrupt, political establishment of India. I recommend Rang de Basanti to anyone who is interested in seeing a good, modern Bollywood film.

The India Gate park is a popular place for family outings in the (relatively) cool Delhi evenings. For that reason it is filled with salespeople offering baloons and various light effect toys.

At the other end of the Rajpath boulevard the English built President's palace looks imposingly out over its capital city from it's elevated status on Raisina Hill. The whole boulevard oozes with power and authority

The fairly recent Hindu temple of Birla Mandir (also known as Laxminarayan Temple) , which is a classical example of modern north Indian, Hindu temple architecture. Actually there has been a temple here for many hundred years, but most of what is seen today is built in 1900s.

A busy market at night time. In India after sunset is the time to go out, since days tend to be too hot except for in the height of winter. A lot of people are trying to get refreshments from a popular drinks-snack stand.

Colourful textile shop in the same market.

Finally wonderful decorative lights outside the popular Dilli haat market with selling arts & crafts and food from all over India.


oreneta said...

Esben! Congrats on Expat blog of the month!!!

David said...

Esben, i followed the expat newletter blog to your site and was taken back by the volume of beautiful photos. Well done! I have a Nepalese friend here in Tokyo and now I really feel I have a better idea of his home country and culture. Thanks for sharing your adventures with Susana, I know it's a bit of effort but at least you have some well documented memories online! Keep it up please.
David Tensen
Tokyo, Japan

Cristhian said...

Hi there... congrats for the Expat blog of the Month... I also blog from Mumbai since 2005, but in spanish, visit me at

Esben said...


Thank you so much! It's probably the only award of any sort I've ever gotten in my life, so very happy with it :o)


Thank you for your kind words. I'm happy that you could take something with you from my blog. And I'm also very "jealous" of you: I've always wanted to visit Japan, but haven't been able to find the money for it yet - one day! I will follow your weblog on life in Tokyo.


Thanks for your comment. I checked your weblog to see your take on the amazing Indian experience. I don't understand much Spanish, but since I know a (very little) bit of French and Latin, I do get the gist of it though. Added you to my RSS feed, so I can keep up. Might even pick up a bit of Spanish.