Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Riding in the desert

Time for some pictures from our ride into the desert. Here we are caravanning across the vast dry lands. Unlike the classical image of desert the Thar Desert is not dominated by large barren sanddunes, but rather by mostly flat land with plenty of small trees and shrubbery.

Susanna taking a closer look at the local plant life during our lunch break from riding (it gets very hot around 14-15).

Approaching a small desert village where we could fill up on cold(ish) drinks. There is no electricity but there are cool chambers where drinks are kept in big jugs of water keeping them somewhat cool (at least compared to the almost boiling water we were carrying on our camels).

Lasse on his camel looking like another Lawrence of India.

Another village - this one right before the mighty sand dunes, which do exist here although they are rare. We were lucky to have a patch of dunes all to ourselves.

Susanna and Cathrine Approaching the dunes. More about those in the my post.

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