Sunday, 10 June 2007

Our Sunbirds

Throughout March I had the pleasure of sitting on our great terrace working. It is a lovely place with lots of visit from birds, insects, butterflies and other creatures. I grew particularly fond of a pair of Purple Sunbirds (small hummingbird-like creatures) who came to visit daily. This is my little tribute to them (if you don't like birds you can skip this post):

The Female sucking nectar from one of our Aloe Veras.

The Male. As you can see it is clearly from him that the species has taken its name. His shiny metallic blue colour makes him quite a sight. It does however also seem to make him nervous since he is easily spotted by predators. This makes him almost impossible to photograph since he is very quick and never sits still for more than a few seconds at the time. So most good pictures I took was of the female.

We had one particular female sunbird, who was very intelligent. She somehow figured out a way to suck water straight out of our tap - even when it was off. So she would come at least 4-5 times daily to get a drink. No other birds have ever figured this out. Here she is hanging from the tap in early morning.

Later in the day the tap would become too hot for her to sit on, so she would fly over and keep herself floating underneath the tap while drinking, just how hummingbirds will drink nectar from the air.

Another female in a bunch of red flowers.

As I mentioned we do have other creatures also. This is a Red-Whiskered Bulbul.

Plenty of giant, colourful butterflies also. This is one of my favourites.

And here is another stunning one. Look very closely at the picture: She is laying an egg in our small orange tree! Click the picture to enlarge.


traveller one said...

WOW.... those are amazing photos! I love the last one-- what a rare opportunity to see such a thing.

Of course, I LOVE birds and butterflies and wouldn't think of 'skipping this post"!

Esben said...

Hi Kim and thank you so much. I loved your bird Skender also. Hope you have seen my comment about him on your blog?

fleclerc said...

These are really beautiful pictures! It's not in Delhi?

Esben said...

Hi fleclerc,

Thanks for your nice words. Yes, all these pictures are from New Delhi. Most of them taken on our own terrace here in Greater Kailash-1 (one of the big colonies in Delhi). One or two were taken in our local park just downstairs.