Friday, 15 June 2007

Jaisalmer and its Havelis

Jaisalmer is not all about the fort. The town itself also hosts many beautiful buildings, most of them Havelis (old decorated luxurious villas with internal courtyards).

The fa├žade of one of the town's many beautiful Havelis. Often it would be rich traders who lived in a place like this.

The lane of Patwa-Ki-Haveli, the most grand and famous Haveli in all of Jaisalmer.

Looking up the internal courtyard of the Patwa-Ki-Haveli.

Looking down from the roof of the Haveli. This is Lasse, who is an intern at the Embassy, and his girlfriend Cathrine. She didn't want to go inside because of the bats...

Yes, that's right, the bats. They were hanging everywhere despite the fact that wasn't all that dark in there. Here dusins of them are hanging from an old wooden ceiling.

A closer look at one of the bats. Looks like a freakish cross between a bird (the wings), a mouse (the ears) and a pig (the snout). Wonderful creature! I really like bats.

Outside the Patwa-Ki-Haveli Susanna takes a picture of Cathrine.

And finally an example of a Rajasthani speciality: A man with a huge moustache. Allegedly this guy's father is on the cover of the present Lonely Planet Guide Book for Rajasthan.


Oxhomiya Jeet said...

Oh wow Esben, amazing pix again this post and the last.


BTW, you should visit and upload some of your pictures of Indian women and girls to this forum. I'm sure they'll aprreicate it.

Esben said...

Hey Jeet, thanks for the tip. I will definately do that.

Oxhomiya Jeet said...

Especially your photos of women from the north-east.