Saturday, 16 June 2007

Into the Desert: Creatures of the Thar

We finally made it into the Thar Desert, which despite being arid is full of interesting animal life, of which I would like to show a bit. Here you see Cathrine enjoying the experience of riding a camel, one of the most distinctive animals of the desert.

Susanna about to mount her own camel after lunch.

Chinkara Deer, also known as Indian Gazelle.

Lots of laughing doves and a small bird in the middle which I cannot identify. If any bird connoisseurs knows it, please let me know.

Oriental Garden Lizard hiding in a tree.

Another strange desert lizard. Again, if anyone knows what this species is I would love to know. (Update: I did some research and it looks like it is the Indian spiny-tailed lizard)

Yet another lizard. Can't see it? Good, cause it's meant to be a challenge. Enlarge the picture and see how long it takes to spot this well camouflaged lizard.

Not only animals live in the desert. Here's a desert boy who was following me around with fascination as I was chasing around the local animals with my camera.

A nice bird, probably a Southern Grey Shrike.

And finally a great insects with red and black spots sitting on a purple desert flower.

Next post I will focus a bit more of the desert landscape.

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