Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Picnic by the River

In Nepal I met up with one of Susanna's old friends, Rajan. One day he took me on a picnic with the company his family owns. Here are some pictures from that day in more or less chronological order.

Rajan in yellow and two of the others guys having lunch in a small restaurant on the way.

Walking down to the river. It is Rajan in the yellow shirt.

Woman working her fields.

Everything is being set up and food is being prepared.

Beautiful nature and a beautiful sky.

Probably the best bird-in-flight picture I have ever taken. Normally birds in flight turn out as black silhouette in pictures, of the background becomes all washed out in light. Here the sun, sky and bird cooperated beautifully to make this image possible.

Playing cards, guitar and drinking beer.

The Fridge.


Just after sunset, Rajan (bottom right corner) makes his way back to the car after saying goodbye to the river.

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