Saturday, 19 May 2007

Patan Museum

This is the small but highly recommended Patan Museum. Fortunately they are one of very few museums in the Indian subcontinent allowing photos without restrictions, so here are a few pictures of my favourite parts.

One of the exhibition halls. A lot has been done to make the museum very appealing with good lighting, nice restoration of the old buildings and exceptionally good written explanations for what you are looking at. The Museum focuses especially on metalworks such as cast-bronze and gilt-copper work, for which Patan has long been renowned.

A four-headed monster.

An erotic piece.

And my favourite piece. This Buddha reminds me of those little grey aliens from 50s and 60s cartoons. Maybe they came to Nepal also?

This museum is pretty high tech. This is an amazing hologram showing a piece that the Museum couldn't get to display, but based on a scan you can still see it in 3D. It works incredibly well. I had to check the backside to make sure it wasn't actually a real piece in there. But no, it is completely flat.

A shiva lingam with fresh flowers. in the Museum's courtyard.

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