Saturday, 12 May 2007

Little Details in Kathmandu

A great thing about walking around in Kathmandu are all the little interesting details you discover. A small, ancient statue in the most unlikely place, nifty decorative features and the sorts. Here are some nice examples.

An old lady looks down onto the street from her small decorated closed balcony.

Carved wooden demon.

Boy sits inside a temple with a golden entrance.

More temple decorations.

An ancient Buddha statue in a residential courtyard.

A skeleton on a temple.

Coins hammered to a piece of wood. The wood is actually a God who is responsible for dentistry, so people hammer coins onto it to make sure that their upcoming visit to the dentist goes smoothly.
The coin-covered wooden God seen from further away.

Colourful wooden support beams.

Souvenir salesman on Durbar Square.

An example of what happens when you don't try to control pigeons but rather encourage them by feeding them.

Erotic temple art.

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