Saturday, 31 March 2007

An Afternoon in Old Delhi

After the Kumbh Mela I thought that perhaps it was time to have a closer look at my own city. So I took an afternoon walk in Old Delhi, where I hadn't been for a long time. I had a good time and took lots of pictures, some of the area but mostly of the people of Old Delhi.

Old Delhi is worlds apart from South Delhi where I live, just 10 kilometers to the south. It is compact, old fashioned, crowded and it is majority Muslim. This old guy must have lived here through the horrors of partition in the late 1940s.

Ornamentation of a local mosque.

A typical Old Delhi workplace. Small family owned workshop.

As dusk grew closer I was rewarded with a beautiful sky, giving me this interesting skyline.

Local juice stand using Lord Shiva as an eye catcher on the big sign above the stand.

Local street vendor. Once you get just a little bit away from the main tourist attraction in Old Delhi (Red Fort, Jama Masjid) the attitude from the locals towards you changes remarkably. Your presence goes from being ignored or seen as a source of money at the tourist hotspots to being almost an exciting event here just 500 metres away. People are friendly and curious and more than happy to pose for pictures (in fact they frequently demand to have their picture taken). The following pictures are some of the most interesting portraits I took on this day:


oreneta said...

I look at your pictures and so want your camera...hmmmm. Gotta price this out.

Here's another question though badly does it eat batteries? I used one digital once, with brand noew Duracells, I know not camera batteries, but they are good, and it ate through them in only 65 shots...can you recharge? How long do the batteries last?

Thanks again.

Will you still be in India in 2013? Well, how can you know for sure.

Thanks again.

Esben said...

Hi again Oreneta.

The Lumix FZ-50 uses a rechargeable lithium battery, and one of these comes with the camera on purchase. You also get a charger included in the price. Buying an extra battery (perhaps Euro 60 or so) is advisable so you have a battery to use whenever, the other is recharging. Especially for those long trips where you might not get to an electric plug every day it is crucial to have back-up battery power.

That being said battery life is pretty good. On one fully recharged battery I can usually shoot for 1-2 full days if I'm really on a roll. In my case that means probably around 400-600 pictures, including being pretty wasteful with reviewing my pics on the LCD screen. And then I always carry an extra battery, so I virtually never feel like I have to watch the battery level. If you switch on the flash a lot, it will eat up your battery quicker. I use flash very rarely (maybe 1 in every 30-40 shots).

Will I be in India in 2013. Wow, you got me there. My best answer is: Who knows? I'm betting on being here at least till 2009 but after that it's anyone's guess really.

snigdha G said...
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