Sunday, 25 February 2007

On top of the City of Lights

After our very early morning boat ride we took a nap back in the hotel. But then it was time for a closer look at Varanasi this time from the land side and partially from our fantastically situated hotel with a view to much of the action.

A view of several of the most busy ghats. Despite the mist making the more distant parts of the picture hard to see, you still get the impression of the level of activity.

Our hotel "Ganpati" has a great atmosphere and wonderful views of the river Ganges and the Ghats. However, neighbouring, hotel Alka wins the category of best place to eat your breakfast: With a stunning 270 degree view to the ghats.

A view towards the other side of the river which - in startling contrast to the impressive buildings of Varanasi - is just a sandy, desert-like bank with a few shanks. However in the water there is plenty of activity with seagulls attracted to a boat throwing something into th water.

Three women walking through the "desert" opposite Varanasi with huge packs on their heads.

More fish insignia.

As I mentioned, Ganges is not particularly clean. Much of the pollution is introduced by waste water being pumped into the river further upstream, but Varanasi is responsible for it's share also. Flowers and garbage is thrown into the river without thought, but people still bathe around it.

Ladies taking a holy dip, and not in a bikini.

Boatman sleeping in his boat.

Old grandfather with Hindu tillak in his forehead and a flower garland around his neck, and the grandson with a duck on his shirt.

Every evening hundreds of candle lights float down the river.

An evening "puja" (Hindu ritual) taking place right by the river side. It is a very lively event.


oreneta said...

Esben, your photos are as always amazing, but can I please ask you a completely off-topic question? I am teaching English as a second language, and one of my students is taking the course because he will be going to Denmark for a show of his art. So, in Denmark, would you write five million as 5,000,000.00 or as 5.000.000,00? A little trivial, but he really wanted to you mind?


Esben said...

Hi Oreneta,

No problem at all. In Denmark we would use the form 5.000.000,00.

oreneta said...

Thank you so much. I've asked a British Aunt, so now I with your imput I can come back with the definitive answer.


Eat some puri's for me. Mmmmmm.