Thursday, 22 February 2007

Lucknowi "Wall Art"

This, my last post from Lucknow, I will dedicate to an eclectic collection of little pieces of wall art, seen at random places around town.

Posters for classic old Bollywood movies.

Fish seem to hold a special position in Lucknow (remember the fish insignia at Hussainabad?)

However, this building also had some very cool crocs...

...and peacocks, the national bird of India. Okay, three pictures form the same building might be a bit much, but what can I say. I really loved these decorative figures.

At this house the wall itself IS the art.

Outside a colourful, old local mosque.

An airplane on the facade of a house.

And elsewhere an English looking, male mermaid looks out from the gable of an old house.

This is not technically wall art and thus these are not "wall flowers". Rather they are "mall flowers", outside one of the swanky new malls in Lucknow. They should have been on in my last post but got left out due to technical difficulties.

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