Thursday, 15 February 2007

From Christmas to New Year's

I still have some pictures to show from my Northeast trip but since I cannot really find a unifying theme I will simply let this post cover the period from Christmas in Nagaland to New Year's Eve back in Delhi.

First a picture from a visit to part of Susanna's extended family. Here are an uncle, aunt, several cousins. The rest I have already introduced here.

Above I have been introduced into the picture providing a textbook example of how to appear gigantic. And no, I have not been photoshopped into the picture, this is the original image.

Susanna's uncle (no. 5 from the top right in the first picture of this post) is a pastor with his own church. Here you see some of his helpers preparing the meal for the church's Christmas day fest. They are actually grilling the cow by use of some sort of blowtorch.

In a Dimapur market I saw this first for me. Brown bananas. They are not rotten or bad, this is just what they look like.

A bunch of chillies in the same market.

Finally we flew back home to Delhi on the 27th of December. To my own credit I had made sure to book seats on the right side of the plain giving us a fantastic view of the Himalayas from the sky. It is an amazing sight, which pictures cannot really do justice.

Back in Delhi we had a quiet, but very nice New Year's Eve with a few friends. From the left it is me, Elodie from France, Lauren from Holland, Alistair from Iceland, Lise from Denmark and Susanna. The hats were mandatory.

Delhi gets very cold in winter and with the houses' poor insulation it is almost as cold inside as outside. But I still thought it funny that it was the Icelandic guy who had to sit with three radiotors on full blast next to him to stay warm.

We decided to jump into the new year. Here it is Elodie getting ready for the leap into 2007. I teased her by threatening that I would put this picture on the web to show that Elodie was celebrating New Year's all by herself, but in all honesty the rest of us were also there and jumping.

After midnigt we went to a bigger party nearby, but I did not bring my camera. However I did bring it for the taxi ride home to GK1 at 3am. It was the densest fog I have ever seen, and visibility was certainly less than 5 metres. Take a look at the video. If I sound a little bit drunk on the video, well, then it's because I was.

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