Friday, 26 January 2007

Dzukou: Walking in the Valley

It took quite a bit of persuasion to get the Dzukou Valley trek organised. First for me to convince Susanna for the need to spend a whole day walking in the hills, and then for Susanna to convince her brother to join us. Nagas are not travelers by nature, and they have no culture or history of great exploration. However I think we all three agreed that it was definitely worth it when we reached the valley.

This was our first sight down into the distant valley. On all sides it is surrounded by trees, but in the valley only wild bamboo grows - no trees. I can only imagine how beautiful it must have all been a few months earlier when the valley was in bloom.

On the descent into the valley, Susanna gives a royal wave standing amongst the bamboo and other low shrubbery.

But it doesn't stay low everywhere. Here it is getting higher and thicker...

...and here higher and thicker still.

Another picture of the valley. Notice the tiny black dot at the bottom of the valley in the extreme right of the picture. That is Kinito working to catch up with us (click to enlarge). Gives you a sense of scale.

Nature can produce some strange things. I spotted this deep green gooey slime and got intrigued. I have no idea what it is or how it was produced, but it is a natural phenomenon and strangely repulsive and fascinating at the same time.

Everywhere in the valley you'll see wild strawberries like these.

Kini and our guide walking through the valley.

After all that walking a little rest was well deserved.

I conclude this post with this surprising sight. A small bridge covered in a white layer of icy snow. This is a wonderful feature of Dzukou valley - certain parts are in months of permanent shade in the winter due to the surrounding hills blocking out the sun's rays. This means that you get snow and especially ice here. Much more about that in my next post...


oreneta said...

Really enjoying your posts...

nino said...

Your pictures are fantastic specially for promotion of adventure/culture n eco tourism in nagaland and the North east:)
I'm a naga as well as a 'traveller':)
I understand that I need to learn more about my land in order to promote it ;)
Beautiful pictures - I'm missing home and the region.
nino x

S.Raleng said...

Whoaa, it was amazing. Great job. never thought the valley would be heard of by someone so far away. Hope you get the time to visit some more of the hidden amazing places of the Nagas.
Wishing you all the best in your future expedetion.