Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Colourful Iew Duh Market, Shillong

My last post from Shillong and indeed all of Meghalaya will be from the colourful Iew Duh Bazaar.

Khasi ladies in their traditionally checkered clothes selling paan leaves. Paan is a nut which the locals like to chew, wrapped in the leaves you see in the picture. These ladies were far from camera shy so much in fact that many of them demanded to have their pictures taken. A few of the best portraits.

Portrait 1.

Portrait 2.
Portrait 3.

Same part of the market seen from a restaurant window above.

There are many other things on sale apart fom the paan leaves. Here a nice selection of chilies in all sizes and other spices, such as garlic and gincer. The large red chilies in the centre-right part of the picture are supposedly the strongest in the world. Notice the tiny red and green chillies to the right of those.

More exotic fruits on display. Beautiful yellow caramboles.

One of the local meat shops.

One of the bookmakers of the market offering people the chance to play on archery. That is the great passion of this area.

Selling Christmas berries, much like the ones I managed to gather after much work a few days earlier.

An old guy selling roasted nuts, done the old fashioned way. It's all very rustic.

And finally a wine store called "Tipsy". Now, that's classy.


Arun said...

Nice. Reminds of my last year's visit to Shillong. Show us some of those colorful old buses from Shillong.

Esben said...

Hi Arun and thanks. Unfortunately I don't have any bus pictures. Don't even think I noticed any particularly colourful buses. I will be sure to look for them next time though.

sly said...

Hi Esben, not only do like the subject of your pics but also the quality. Excellent work. i can appreciate them even more, since i spent a decade in Shillong.

Paul Nongrum said...

gosh i really miss home, cant wait to b back in shillong for the holidays

WELLS S said...

no more old buses...The RED buses are in action