Thursday, 28 December 2006

Water Created Wonders

As I mentioned in my last post Meghalaya is very much a state defined, for better and worse, by water. On day 2 of our trip we went on a day trip to a place called Cherapunjee. I'll get back to that place later, but for now I'll show you some very interesting places we saw on the way, all created or defined by the water.

First an idyllic lagoon where the clear, turquoise water comes flowing from underneath the rock.

Wapang and Mark by what they call a natural spa. The water is green, but at the same time clean and inviting and the place is dominated by some very interesting shapes and limestone formations formed by the water.

A closer look at the little waterfall to the right of Wopang and Mark. The water flows across a hole hit the opposite wall of the hole and falls down, were it flows underneath the rock out to the larger pool of water which is the spa.

Seen from the other side of the pool Susanna is showing us a hole through the rock by putting her legs through it.

A very short version of Susanna.

Resting in the grass next to the natural spa.

This is another amazing landscape shaped by the massive waters that are sometimes flowing here. According to local legend a great mythical serpent was slain here and these are its remains. To give a sense of the scale of things all these pillars are considerably taller than an adult man.

More and less filled pools of water in another part of this peculiar landscape.

Notice here how clean and clear the water is. I like the seemingly waterless hole in the lower left part of the picture. Looks almost as if it intended to be closed with a lid concealing whatever unknown things are hiding down there. I also like the little flowers on the holes edge.

Here the red colour of the rocks make the water look like it really is the flowing blood of the serpent which was slain here in some mythical time.

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