Saturday, 25 November 2006

Wildlife in Hampi

As I mentioned earlier Hampi has a very rural feel to it, despite being a major tourist attractions. This also means that you see many animals there. Not huge dramatic animals like tigers or rhinos but rather smaller animals such as monkeys, birds, lizards and insects. Here some pictures to give the people at home a sense of the animal life here. Click to enlarge any of the critters.

Buffaloes with birds resting on them. Strictly speaking this is probably not WILD-life, but still very idyllic to look at.

A very typical Hampi lizard which loves sunning itself on the many rocks.

Macaque family also enjoying a rest on a rock, with a bit of grooming and playing thrown into the mix.

Another monkey - the more elusive langur - chewing on a small twig.

A huge millipede (tusindben). Enlarge the picture to count the legs. Probably not quite a thousand but several hundred at least.

A smaller millipede, this one with exactly 56 legs (Yes, I counted).

A wonderful hoopoe (Haerfugl).

Frog floating in a small pond.

Beautiful butterfly with the characteristic "eyes" on the wings.

And finally a cat using a stack of newspapers in the most obvious way. As a bed. This picture was actually taken in Bangalore but I thought it fit well into the theme of this post.

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