Wednesday, 22 November 2006

More ruins in Hampi

A quick warning. Anyone tired of pictures showing ruins and temples, might want to skip this post. Next time the topic will be different, I promise. For everyone else here are some pictures from the so called Royal Centre, home to both old religious and secular buildings, for a change.

This is the inner chamber of the Underground Virupaksha Temple. The entire floor is covered by rainwater giving life to some interesting reflections of the light streaming from two openings in the side into the otherwise dark chamber.

Same temple seen from the outside. In this picture you can clearly see that the temple is below ground level, hence the name.

A watchtower of the Royal Enclave.

And yet, another secular building. This is the Queen's Bath built exclusively for the purpose of keeping the Queen clean and happy. A grand pool is surrounded by 8 balconies and rich decorations everywhere.

Susanna seen from one of the balconies standing on the small canal leading water from the outside to the pool.

And something I haven't seen everywhere else in India. A pyramidal structure, which leads my thoughts to Central America, rather than this part of the world. This is the centre of the old secular area with all sorts of administrative and productive buildings. Most of this area is now lost, with only low rows of rocks marking the ground plans of the various building.

A richly decorated archway from the Lotus Mahal pavilion.

One of the great things about Hampi, is that it is not overly congested and that the attractions are all within a couple of kilometers within each other, meaning that you can easily explore the area on bicycle. Here Susanna is driving around near an old Jain (I believe) Temple.

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