Thursday, 9 November 2006

The Garden City

Back from colonial times Bangalore has another title to it's name: The Garden City. Bangalore has a pleasant climate with much rain making it easy to maintain lots of lush parks and gardens here. Many still remain, including the Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens to which we paid a visit.

One of the star attractions of the Botanical Gardens is this amazing silk cotton tree with it's massive roots.

In the park there are good opportunities for bird watching. In this tree you can spot four Spot-billed Pelicans.

A close-up of two of the Pelicans from the above picture. It can really be recommended enlarging this picture to study the facial expression of this amazing bird.

Another cool bird living in the park: the Indian Pond Heron. Unlike the pelican this is a very common bird around these parts of the world.

It's not all about plants and birdlife in Lal Bagh. It also has a more than 100-year old glass palace/pavilion modelled after the famous Crystal Palace in London.

And Lal Bagh also hosts a small aquarium. This is one of the coolest fish there, looking like its brain is growing on the outside of its head.


traveller one said...

Really interesting photos!

Esben said...

Thank you very much. My personal favourite is the pelican picture. There is so much character in their faces, as hey tend to look like grumpy old men. Indian Pelicans are quite hard to get close to so I had to take full advantage of my 12x zoom.

James said...

I love the tree photo. Very interesting blog you have. I will be back!

Esben said...

Thanks. You are welcome back any time.

Flycatcher said...

The Pelican must be a Spot-billed Pelican. See here

Esben said...

Hi Flycatcher.

Yes, I think you are right. In fact I realised that some time ago, but forgot to change my weblog. Updated now.