Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Sailing on Lysefjorden

I have realised that I left Lysefjorden behind a bit too quickly on my weblog. So I move backwards chronologically from Bergen to show some pictures showing the beautiful Lysefjorden and the Pulpit Rock from sea level (I will fix the order of my posts shortly, but for now Lysefjorden deserves to be top of the site).

Strange patterns of grass and and interesting lines in the rock combine to make this scene looks a bit like an abstract painting.

Lysefjorden is filled with strange rock formations. Look closely at the central rock and see if you can make out the death's head (dødningehoved) which I see there.

A house in a stunning setting. Might be trouble getting to the nearest store though.

And here a row of houses in front of an incredible backdrop

And a house which has a whole island to itself.

A local man takes a swim with his wife watching.

Pulpit Rock seen from below. If you enlarge the picture you might be able to spot some people up there peeking outover the edge.

Pulpit Rock again but zoomed out to give a sense of how far it really is up there (please ignore my unfortunate hair do - it was a windy trip).

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