Saturday, 7 October 2006


Last stop in Norway was Bergen, the country's second largest city. It is an appealing city occupying a small strip of land between the fjord and the mountains.

This row of coloured houses called Bryggen, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site - one of just 4 in all Norway. It is the core of the old Bergen and the only surviving historical Hansa City in the world.

This is one of the back alleys between the houses of Bryggen. Here it is obvious to see what the function of these houses were: Warehouses for the powerful Hanseatic merchants elite. You can see the upper floor ramps meant for hoisting up all sorts of valuable goods.

For most of the stay in Bergen it rained - as it does most of the year. However the sun did peek through the clouds once in a while giving this magnificent view of the harbour where the bottom part of the fjord meets city and hills.

Bergen is a charming city filled with old wooden houses. Here is a small, cosy square outside the reach of the city's cars.

And finally a more grand flower decorated pavilion.

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