Sunday, 24 September 2006

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Often we humans take tons of pictures when travelling to foreign places or at special events like graduations and anniversaries. But most of us forget to take pictures of the everyday things - those that really characterise our lives. This includes very much our homes. Considering my limited age of 26 I have lived in many different places throughout my life. We took a trip to see several of my childhood homes - here are some pictures from that trip.

Town of Ry. Lived here from age 2 till 6. It was a nice house on a dead end street, which made it safe for us children to play on.

Village of Laven where I lived from 6 to 12 years of age. This is a small community surrounded by hills, forests and lake. All children in Laven knew each other and there were plenty of places to play in the surroundings, so it was pretty ideal for that age. I did however have quite a long commute to school.

Sejs-Svejbæk, suburb of Silkeborg. Lived here from 12 to (almost) 18 years of age. This was a considerably bigger place than Laven and also the location of my school, so it was probably good to move here for my teen years. Also much closer to Silkeborg which is where all the exciting, commercial stuff was.

This is me (in a Silkeborg IF jersey) by the bell tower of Church of Sejs-Svejbæk, where I worked as a bell ringer every monday for many years, starting when I was 12. The bell may not look very big compared to me, but when I was 12 the contrast in size seemed very big. I earned good pocket money here.

A photo taken near when we visited Sejs-Svejbæk. Doesn't really have anything to do with my stroll down memory lane, but I just think all the colourful caterpillars made for a nice shot.

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