Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Trier (part 2) - Inside the Grand Old Buildings

As I promised a few days ago I will now show a couple of pictures from inside the two impressive old buildings of Trier: The Cathedral and the Basilica.

The Cathedral of Trier looks like two huge churches that sort of grew together into one. This is a view of the largest hall in the church. Notice the people standing in the central aisle to get a sense of the size of this.

The church has many intricate and fascinating decorations. This one shows the Grim Reaper with his view on a man who was no doubt very important to the community before his death.

Trier Dom as the Cathedral is called in German also has a so called Schatzkammer (Treasure Chamber) where various old relics are on display. Inside the golden container carried by the angels you see an alleged part of the shackles used to chain down St. Peter himself.

The Basilica provides a contrast to the Cathedral by being a very simple and fairly undecorated place, which perhaps is why it was seen fit to be a protestant church. The massive hall is however still very imposing, especially when considering it was built 1600 years ago.

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